Low Chee Kiang as an active competitor and captain of Singapore's National Judo Team.
Coach Low Chee Kiang (third from left) keeps a close watch over his charges in training. Photo: SportSG

To Low, teaching judo is far more than simply imparting decades worth of skills and techniques. It is a holistic upbringing; the instilling of values and life lessons through the martial art.

“In judo, we learn how to be disciplined. We endure, we’re committed, we’re hardworking. You can use all these in your work. In fact, you should be successful if you apply the judo spirit into your career development,” the 63-year-old explained.

“If you give me a hundred trainees in a group, I can’t make a hundred gold medallists. There might only be one or two who will make it. The rest still need to live their lives. I always tell [my athletes] to [bring] their judo spirit into their work so that they can succeed in their careers, in their lives – rather than just in judo competitions,” he continued.

Coach Low Chee Kiang and his protégés.